Dr Faiz Ali, Consultant Gastroenterologist Private Gastroenterology Clinic Consultations at BMI Werndale Hospital
Dr Faiz Ali, Consultant GastroenterologistPrivate Gastroenterology Clinic Consultations at BMI Werndale Hospital

Our services

This is an overview of the services we offer. Should you have any questions, you can of course get in touch with us and make an appointment.

We see all patients - either self funding or having private health insurance:


Consultant Delivered Service by Dr Faiz Ali


Services Provided:


New Patient Consultation and Examination (30 minutes)

This will involve taking a comprehensive history and examination by the consultant. He will also discuss further investigations and probable cause of symptoms. Patient centred consultation, approachable and able to discuss any concerns you have with your health


Follow Up Consultations (15 minutes)

Able to discuss in detail any concerns you have following investigations. You may also have had time to think about other questions since initial consultation. Ongoing management and need for follow up through GP or hospital will also be discussed.


Upper GI and lower GI Endoscopy  - done as day cases in theatre, Werndale (with sedation if needed. Overnight admission can also be arranged if needed)


Blood tests through Werndale Hospital


Radiological tests e.g. Ultrasound scans, CT scans, MRI through Werndale Hospital with prompt reporting by Consultant Radiologists


Specialist investigations e.g. Oesophageal pH (acid levels) testing can also be arranged through neighbouring depts / Hospitals


If you have private insurance please contact your private insurance company to ensure you are adequately covered. For consultantion costs and costs for investigations e.g. endoscopy, CT scanning etc. please get in touch with Werndale Hospital


We would wish to have referral from General Practice for all patients. If self funding patients can be seen without GP referral but specialist advise will mainly be given for Gastroenterology related problems or General Medical nature


How to contact us

Dr Faiz Ali

Consultant Gastroenterologist

BMI Werndale Hospital
Bancyfelin SA33 5NE



Outpatient Appointments:

01267 225644






Consultation times

Wednesday PM


Virtual appointments also possible during the week or weekend


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